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Block Party

Real estate property marketing that makes you look good

Supercharge your real estate lead generation.


The Real Estate Marketing Challenge

In the real estate industry, the process of generating leads and convincing potential clients to make the important purchasing decision can become quite demanding. Real estate agents face the challenge of organizing open houses, promoting property listings, and marketing their services on social media, so they are always on the lookout for tools that can help them save time and boost their marketing efforts.

The Vision Behind the App

The company envisioned an intuitive and efficient digital marketing tool that would allow real estate agents to maximize every open house, promote listings online, and generate leads from social media. The app would create an impressive showcase for the agent’s brand that saves time and improves marketing effectiveness. So, they contacted Scopic and explored their options.


The Scopic Solution

Scopic worked together with the company and updated designs and added new functionality on four of the following app screens:

My Listings

My Guests

Add/Edit Listings

In addition, our app experts overhauled the Offline Kiosk functionality used within the platform including adding a photo editor.

The result is a simple tool that allows agents to customize their logo, property photos, color palette, custom questions, and follow up text messages. The app also verifies every lead and automatically extracts their background information to unlock marketing personalization. The Zapier integration connects Block Party with over 2000 CRMs and marketing apps.


Skills Involved:

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