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The Workout App That Tracks Your Progress To Keep You Motivated

Train. Check Statistics. Repeat.

The Workout Challenge Summarized

Sticking to a workout routine, especially if you’re not going to the gym but are training at home by yourself, can be a challenge. It’s easy to fall into old habits, especially when you don’t see any results after a week or two of working out.

Most fitness apps only provide different workout plans that are not personalized to your specific body type and needs. Moreover, the ones that provide you with customization, don’t show you your progress.

Wouldn’t it be super motivational to be able to notice your progress not only in the way you feel but also through visual graphs?

The Vision Behind the App

Built, a cross platform mobile fitness application for Android and iOS, came to life when its founder had an amazing idea of letting its users track their fitness progress. He wanted to create an app that would enable users to go beyond their workout plan and actually track their results effectively to keep them motivated. He also hoped to provide users with the specific statistics from their workout metrics, along with a great overview and a basic analysis of their results. So he reached out to Scopic with the motivation of building a custom Android and iOS workout app.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic, having great expertise in building cross platform solutions, partnered with Built to craft a fitness app that enables users to track their fitness progress. When creating the iOS and Android mobile app, some of our activities involved:

iOS Application Development

Android Application Development

React Native Development

Responsive Design

Native-English Copywriting

Cross Platform Development

We then continued working on making the mobile app responsive for all devices. Our team also designed the UX/UI of the app to make it easy and intuitive, providing users with a smooth experience every time.

Skills Involved:

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