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Connect Meditation

An app that helps you prioritize your mental health

Meditate. Restore. Revitalize.

The Meditation Application Challenge

In our daily lives, there is a lot of noise, bustle, and chaos. Oftentimes the gadgets we own only compound the stress by having us be ‘online’ 24/7, which makes it even harder to unplug and unwind. Since completely omitting phones and computers is also unrealistic, the challenge is then to create a tool or application that leverages these gadgets to help us improve our mental health.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind Connect Meditation envisioned an application that would provide various types of meditation suitable for larger audience. The goal was to have an application that would let users customize their meditation journeys and build an experience unique to their needs. With this idea in mind, the company reached out to Scopic to begin developing the health app.

The Scopic Solution

Connect Meditation is an example of a health app that provides access to numerous meditation videos, useful for different everyday situations. All meditations are split into a variety of topics and programs. Users are awarded upon completion of each meditation, program or topic, so they can easily track their progress and share it with friends.

Skills Involved:

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