The Video Game App That’s Transforming The Way Kids Learn English 

Bringing fun to the adventure of learning.

The English Learning Challenge

For children who have recently moved countries and have been enrolled in elementary schools in North America, picking up the language and fitting in can be a challenge at first. For kids who are trying to learn English from their own countries and are not immersed in the language every day, staying motivated can be even more difficult. Learning facilitators can teach them the basics, but learning a new language is about much more than knowing the alphabet or the grammar rules.

And besides, young children can have a hard time when learning a new language in a classroom environment. They may often feel intimidated by their classmates or shy when asked to speak. 

So how can teaching kids English be fast and productive? 

The Vision Behind the App

Emmersive was created on a mission to make English learning easier and more enjoyable for English learners in the U.S. and in Asian countries particularly. The founder wanted to build a first-person, 2D video game app that would be designed to teach English vocabulary and basic expressions. 

So Scopic, with our mobile app development services, built this innovative app to give children the opportunity to associate learning English with fun activities.

The Scopic Solution

Emmersive joined forces with Scopic, to design and build an iOS and Android 2D video game app, designed to teach English vocabulary and basic expressions to children. When working on the application our activities involved: 

iOS Application Development


Native-English Copywriting

UI/UX Design

Android Application Development

Cross Platform Development

And more!

With our custom mobile app development services, we created a game app, full of animations and cartoons, that would attract young students and make their learning process more enjoyable.

Skills Involved:

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