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The fun app that realistically mixes up any part of your face

Have the urge to merge.

The Face Entertainment Challenge Summarized

People look for fun ways to pass their free time. When imagination and curiosity strike, one may randomly wonder how they would look given different features in their face.

People like guessing what their face would be like with or without wrinkles, a smaller nose, and maybe even blue eyes. They like the surprise element these entertaining guesses provide. However, they lose interest if the apps they find are unrealistic or hard to use.

The Vision Behind the App

Headhash wanted to build tool that would allow users to mix their face with their friends or family. As fun as that! Or even better: borrow Lady Gaga’s eyes with Justin Bieber’s head and mix them together.

Headhash aimed to create a fun solution that would include a combination of up to 4 face shots, shaken not stirred. That would provide the so-wanted realistic results. Moreover, they envisioned users loving to fix up their own pictures and create the perfect post for their social media.

The company’s entertainment app idea aligned with Scopic’s experience, and thus they sought our team’s application solutions.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic designed and created the Headhash app with face fusion functionalities. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface enables a fun experience for the users. All the functionalities are very easy to navigate. Headhash app lets you either use the iPhone camera or choose from the photo library. Once you get photos in, you can start creating “headhashes” in seconds:

Select one image for each facial feature – –head, eyes, nose,, and mouth.

Press “Make a Face”

And More!

Within seconds these features are hashed together in space to render a face montage.
Lastly, the users can also share the hashes with others to spread the fun experience.

Skills Involved:

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