The app that shapes the perfect eyebrow

Subtle and realistic results.

The Eyebrows Challenge Summarized

The aesthetic importance of eyebrows is always highlighted. There are various shapes and shades that make an ideal eyebrow for different women. And when its natural form is not always on point, that affects the overall look. So, people get their brows plucked, threaded or waxed to get their desired result.

Before doing that, having to guess how their brows would look becomes very challenging. The tools in the market are often not realistic and serve more for entertainment purposes rather than a functional one.

The Vision Behind the App

The iBrow company sought to provide a solution for all the women that grew tired of just wondering. They wanted to make the experience as user-friendly as possible, and provide various alternatives. The company wanted to have both a fun and practical way to modify the eyebrows digitally.

So, they approached Scopic and worked together on an interactive application.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic designed iBrows mobile application for all iOS users. It allows intuitive modification of the eyebrows to realistically show different shapes, shades, and colors. They can be changed by sculpting intensity, thickness, density and contrast. The app provides customization functionalities on eyebrow:

Arch Positioning

Taper Control

Before and After Effects

The team used Facial Recognition technologies and Image Processing Algorithms to achieve high realistic aesthetics.

Skills Involved:

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