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Nightlife Tips

Organizing a stress-free and interesting night out

Partygoers focus on making memories.

The Nightlife Challenge Summarized

Choosing where to go out and what to do during nighttime can be both exciting and stressful. It usually begins with a lot of wondering about where to go. It is hard for youngsters to keep track of all the events going on, all the new places, musicians, prices, reservations required, and tickets to be purchased. Frequently, they decide to just try their luck ending up in the same bar or in long queues that ruin the night.

The Vision Behind the App

Nightlife company envisioned a night out to be effortless for entertainment enthusiasts. They believed going out should be about positive energy with the right people at a fun, spontaneous spot. Knowing all their alternatives meant people would end up in the most suitable environment. Every night would be the best night with your friends!

So, they reached out to many bars, nightclubs, and local establishments. Then, the company contacted Scopic and worked together on a user-friendly platform.

The Scopic Solution

Nightlife Tips is a marketplace mobile application that allows clients to find the best places to have fun in late hours. The platform connects the entire nightlife ecosystem such as bars, concerts, and shows. These promoters can offer good deals for nightly ventures.
The user-friendly interface presents various convenient features that help users find the best party in town, such as:

Map locations

Bookings / My events


Searching for a specific event

Nightlife bids


Skills Involved:

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