Referral-based marketplace for selling goods and services.

Click to hire. Click to buy.

The Online Marketplace Challenge

Nowadays, there are many online marketplaces that allow for C2C buying and selling of products. There are also a number of platforms that serve as a place where people can search for and find a specialist in a certain field and contract them for a particular service. But rarely are the two combined.

The lack of a comprehensive platform makes the overall experience more difficult for users since they have to use at least two different services and possibly a third for payment purposes. So, the challenge is to create a referral-based marketplace for selling goods and services that is all-in-one.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind the PeepsTree app wanted to build an app that connected clients to specialists looking to freelance their services, as well as create a platform where personal items could be bought and sold. 

In addition, they envisioned the app to include a referral feature so people could recommend one another for certain jobs based on previously completed projects. With these goals in mind, they reached out to Scopic to work together on developing the application.

The Scopic Solution

PeepsTree is a cross-platform virtual referral application for acquiring goods and services. The app allows for specific products and services to be displayed to a user’s Facebook list of friends if they are in the market for that set of products or services. PeepsTree also lets users invite new people to join with a Facebook integration.

Skills Involved:

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