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PenGo Paint

A powerful painting and drawing application for iPads.

Draw. Paint. Create.

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The Illustration Application Challenge 

Currently, the market is flooded with a variety of illustration applications that are intended to make photo editing tools available on mobile devices with the same level of professionalism that desktop versions include. However, most are fairly difficult to navigate, and their features are buried in an order that does not appear very intuitive for the user.

As a result, drawing and painting become more of a hassle on mobile devices. The challenge in creating this type of application is to make tools as intuitive and available to users as it is to pick up a paintbrush or pencil in real life.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind the Pengo Paint wanted to build an app that served users in a more complementary way. This vision was to allow the app to seamlessly work with other popular graphics packages and workflows.

In addition, they wanted the app to support PSD files or files with layered imagery since this has been becoming an important feature among content creators. With this in mind, they reached out to Scopic to begin developing the illustration application.

PanGo_Paint vision

The Scopic Solution

FitStation joined forces with Scopic to build, design and market this cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android users. Developing this app from scratch, our mobile experts began by building in features to help with everyday fitness such as:

PanGo_Paint solution

Skills Involved:

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