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Pizo Egypt

Brain-challenging game for children

Fun. Educational. Constructive.

The Educational Application Challenge 

Many parents nowadays feel the need to incorporate technology and gadgets into the daily lives of their children.

However, the challenge is to make sure children use these devices for safe and constructive activities that are both fun and educational.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind Pizo Egypt wanted to offer parents an application that would help improve child learning, especially up to age 5. They envision an app that challenges the brain and helps develop logic, cognitive, and fine motor skills. With this vision, they reached out to Scopic to begin developing the educational app.

The Scopic Solution

Pizo Egypt is a puzzle-building, brain-challenging game for kids 5 and under. The game is set up so players can go on an Egyptian adventure in Pizo Egypt, unlock mysteries in the Egyptian desert, and discover the Pyramids, as well as other hidden treasures.

Skills Involved:

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