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The Script Challenge Summarized

TV and movie production professionals encounter lots of script handling. It often serves as a starting point for managing budget and scheduling. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed due to its lack of constructive organization and high volume of data. There are lots of characters and scenes, and no matter how much experience and management skills a person has, it takes a lot of time to put things on track.

The Vision Behind the App

Nutshell Media understood this common script struggle for writers, producers, directors, actors, and other professionals in every discipline of production and post-production. They believed that more could be done to the automatization of such processes. The company aimed at giving them the ability to obtain access to the very DNA of a script. They contacted us with this idea in mind, and in return got promised to deliver such value.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic worked together with Nutshell Media and built the responsive mobile application, ScriptFILTER on iOS. The app is able to automatically analyze and summarize movie and television scripts. Through robust backend features, it collects and organizes valuable data about characters and scenes. To serve that, it calculates the statistical significance of characters, scenes, and sentences in terms of their relationship to the main storyline of the script.

The platform takes the idea further on by suggesting areas of the script that are statistically less significant, so at a glance the professionist can see which scenes are ripe for pruning. In the end, the app can quickly save and email screen shots and CSV files.

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