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Session Guardian Mobile

Secure, Innovative Mobile Application Development for Enhanced Corporate Security

Session Guardian Mobile is an advanced mobile application aimed at corporate customers who value security and privacy while navigating online spaces. It extends the capabilities of the Session Guardian web platform to iOS devices, offering a safe browsing experience that leverages cutting-edge face detection and password technologies for user authentication.

This application is an innovative spin-off product targeting its customers and offers improved security, privacy and safety when navigating the online world. Following the successful development of the iOS version, a new version targeted at macOS is in the making, which will also be based on Chromium to make it easier to use.

The Challenge  

Maintaining online security and privacy is paramount for corporate entities. Traditional authentication methods are no longer sufficient to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Corporations demand a solution that can ensure only authorized personnel access critical data, mitigating the risk of data breaches and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.

The Vision  

The original vision of Session Guardian creators was to enhance the online security of all protection systems developed for different corporate environments. Their vision was to develop a mobile application that not only secures login processes but also continuously safeguards the user session through innovative technologies. By integrating face detection for authentication and employing stringent session controls, Session Guardian aimed to set a new standard for secure online browsing in the corporate world.

The Scopic Solution

Recognizing the unique challenges and ambitious goals of Session Guardian, Scopic, was enlisted to realize this vision. Scopic’s contribution was pivotal in transforming the concept into a functional and secure mobile application. Their expertise was instrumental in developing a secure and intuitive iOS application that:

  • Whitelisted Page Viewing: Ensures users access only authorized content.
  • Continuous Security Checks: Uses the camera to confirm the identity of the viewer, detect unauthorized recording attempts, prevent screenshots and screen sharing, and ensure the presence of the authorized user alone.
  • Geolocation Verification: Confirms the user’s location aligns with permitted access areas.
  • Session Protection: Automatically blocks access to content if the user is not actively viewing the screen or if policy violations are detected.

Skills Involved:

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