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Shoot and Sell

A Creative and Visual Solution to Selling and Marketing Wall Art

Wall design at your fingertips.

The Photographers Challenge

Even the most amazing photographs can be hard to sell online. Why? Because before taking a leap of faith and investing in wall art, most of us want to be able to visualize what each photo will look like on our walls first. After all, it’s one thing to see a thumb-nail sized photo from your computer screen, and a completely other thing to envision it in full-size and above the mantelpiece of your own home.

The Artist’s Vision

As a portrait photographer herself, the founder of Shoot and Sell wanted to help other professionals to gain more customers by showcasing the beauty of their art in realistic settings. She set out to help photographers place their work over eye-catching and custom wall backgrounds. By doing so, her clients would be able to help their customers visualize each photograph before purchasing. In doing so, the founder knew she would be able to help her fellow photographers to dramatically increase their wall-art sales.

The Scope Solution

Turning to Scopic for support, the founder of Shoot and Sell painted the picture of what she was trying to achieve. Listening attentively, we selected an expert team of mobile app developers to create this application for both Android and iOS devices.

Building this unique photography sales software from scratch, our team used cross-platform development techniques to ensure it would be accessible to all mobile users. Not only can users now envision different images on the walls of their own home, but they can also save their photographs directly onto dropbox too.

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