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Drive customer retention through personalized loyalty programs

Inspire loyalty. Celebrate the power of sharing gifts.


The Reward Redeem Challenge

Merchants seek innovative ways to not only attract new customers, but also retain the ones they already have. On the other hand, customers favor companies that show appreciation and provide discounts to them. So, the matching solution often comes down to plastic or paper loyalty cards. Every item purchased or consumed is converted into points that are then tied to monetary values. However, customers end up with lots of loyalty cards, each with a different logo on it, and eventually forget to use them. Companies make vain attempts to remind them of the cards and then neglect to concretize their potential offers.

The Vision

Aiming at enhancing the value potential rewards bring to consumers’ loyalty, the idea was to leverage loyalty programs by digitizing the whole workflow. In addition, there was a need to have all the companies offering discounts and sales in one place, so the customer could compare and not forget to use their points. The interaction and engagement possibilities were envisioned to build long-lasting relationships between customers and establishments. Scopic started to work on this opportunity that would establish trust with the brands and increase customers’ satisfaction.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s web experts built a progressive application that is used to connect consumers with local businesses through a system that enables merchants to prepare and offer gifts. The platform aims at both potential and existing customers, as it ignites the power of a loyal fan base. The user-friendly interface lets users engage with the gifts and redeem their rewards using the MINT application.

The application enables a fast and reliable environment for companies to send out gifts and customize their marketing strategy, and customers to receive offers anytime, anywhere!

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