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Super Nano Trucks

The app that allows guided play

Play. Build. Create. Learn.

The Truck Application Challenge Summarized

Many children absolutely love to play with toy trucks like bulldozers, cranes, dump trucks, and others. They’ll use these toys, pretending to dump cement, build structures, and move dirt. The great thing about these toys is that they help children develop fine motor skills while using and expanding their imagination.

The Vision Behind the App

Knowing the struggles with having to pack up all kinds of toys to keep children busy, engaged and constantly learning, the team at Super Nano Truck envisioned an app that would bring the fun world of building with trucks to children through mobile devices.

They wanted the app to be educational – teaching children how to take on tasks – while still broadening their minds and enhancing their fine motor skills. To build this app, they teamed up with Scopic’s development experts.

The Scopic Solution

Knowing the vision behind the app, our team of developers created the Super Nano Trucks app for iOS that supplies kids with countless hours of fun! Through the app, children are able to drive several construction trucks, control various machines such as cranes, build tunnels, bridges, and much more.

The app is designed around entertainment but has educational value as well. Children are learning to tackle obstacles, follow directions, think critically, while also developing their motor skills. All of this while being able to play and learn with trucks wherever and whenever they please.

Skills Involved:

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