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Switch Zoo

Create endless combinations of
animals with this app

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The Animal Combination Challenge 

Have you ever wondered what a half giraffe, half zebra would look like? Or maybe even a goat, dog combination?

It’s one thing to think about it and visualize it in our minds, it’s a whole other thing to actually, physically see what these types of animal combinations could really look like.

The Vision Behind the App

The visionaries behind Switch Zoo wanted to bring these imaginative creatures to life (virtually). They pictured an app where children could use their imagination to create their own varieties of animals by combining different species. They also wanted the app to not only be fun, but educational, where kids could learn about animals, build habitats, and more.

With this fun educational app idea, they sought out Scopic for our software development services.

The Scopic Solution

Our team took this exciting app framework to create the Switch Zoo app. We developed the app to be a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android users as a fun and creative activity for kids.

The app is completely entertaining with multiple educational components. While children can combine their favorite animals to see what they would look like, they are also learning about habitats, reading facts about animals, solving puzzles, taking virtual field trips, and building homes for their new species.

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