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The Sailing Performance Challenge 

In sailing, the use of data analytics is on the rise. Data analytics helps to make better decisions, resulting in a better performance. With the vast majority of sailors around the world competing in handicap racing, the challenge is to improve their experience by giving data-based support to boost the accuracy and usability of existing systems and rules. Enthusiasm and involvement are frequently undermined by the perception that the rating rules are unfair, so the challenge lies in helping these rules improve.

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed to provide a robust solution that would gather data through mobile devices. This would be applied in the sport of sailing. Their vision was to use the data to analyse the performance of the boats and as such be able to make better decisions.

The company needed it to be designed specifically to capture such information with additional utility components such as geolocation through a user-friendly interface. They trusted Scopic to turn their idea to life.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic participated in shaping the client’s product and completing an MVP for the SYRF mobile application. Our backend experts created a central database that gathers real-time information from regattas and races that are run through the mobile app. The platform is also able to communicate with ORC databases and other third party applications. Some of the features offered to the users are:

Real- time GPS location tracking

Analyzing data and showing live race results

Live simulation of sailing

Live race scoring

Regatta Competition Management

And more!


Skills Involved:

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