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The Deck Design Challenge Summarized

A deck is a fundamental part of interior design. It is one of the elements that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and occupy considerable amounts of space in the house. People can invest a lot of energy trying to find out the perfect fit in color, add-ons, and overall shape. It is challenging to successfully do so and it may require a professional background in design to fully visualize the perfect deck.

The Vision Behind the App

Deck Designer company envisioned a user-friendly solution that would make it easier for people to imagine their ideal deck for their exterior or interior places. Their approach aimed to meet the particular needs of customers while providing them with powerful customization features. This would include various options of colors, materials, shapes, and railings. They reached out to Scopic to concretize and finalize their ideas.

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The Scopic Solution

FitStation joined forces with Scopic to build, design and market this cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android users. Developing this app from scratch, our mobile experts began by building in features to help with everyday fitness such as:

Deck-Designer solution

Skills Involved:

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