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The Political Challenge

Individuals and businesses face a challenge when it comes to the political environment and their ability to make an impact that counts.

Most of the time what we want and what is actually happening in Washington become disconnected – which raises a question, “How can I get in on the discussion, and does my vote really count?”

Therefore, a need has arisen for a more transparent way to obtain real-time, bi-directional insights, communication, and transactions between politicians and their constituents, between non-profits and their donors. Could there be a platform to support all of this?

The Vision Behind the Platform

4PIA, a blockchain-based, AI-driven, predictive analytics company was created on a mission to enable people to view tweets from the candidates of future US elections. The founder wanted to craft a platform that would provide sentiment intelligence and facilitate transparent donations between donors, politicians and non-profits. With that in mind, the founder worked with Scopic to build a website promoting healthy advocacy, engagement, and giving insight to people who feel out of the loop.

The Scopic Solution

4PIA joined forces with Scopic to build and design a website where users can like or dislike tweets, read info about political individuals, observe charts and record messages for candidates. When creating the website some of our activities involved:
Smart Search Engine Optimization
Responsive Website Development 
Native-English Copywriting
User-Friendly Design
User-Centric App Design
And more!
We then continued working with 4PIA to develop more pages of the website, including a blog and elected officials search sections, with the goal of providing educational information to all users.

Skills Involved:

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