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Soho Solutions | AIS International Group

Fast, easy, and reliable screening and background check solutions

An advanced website that lets you know exactly who you’re creating a partnership with.

The Challenge

Background screening is a crucial step in establishing partnerships, yet it often presents challenges such as being time-consuming, inconsistent, and costly. Without a dependable background screening partner, it’s challenging for businesses and individuals to assess potential risks associated with new hires, customers, third parties, investments, and partners efficiently. The question remained: how could a quick and accurate screening process be achieved?

The Vision 

The founder of AIS International Group set out to offer reliable background screening services aimed at mitigating risks and delivering timely information. They envisioned a system that would combine investigative screening resources, specialist vetting, and cybersecurity. However, to realize this vision, they required a development partner capable of creating a secure and feature-rich site.

The Scopic Solution

In collaboration with Soho Solutions, Scopic stepped in to offer critical support, focusing on the DevOps aspects of the project. While the sophisticated web app and website that facilitate the screening process were conceptualized for AIS International Group’s vision, Scopic did not develop these features directly. Instead, our involvement centered on securing the implementation of AIS’s services through the application of DevOps best practices, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) strategies, and data migration to Azure servers. We were instrumental in enhancing their system’s security, implementing robust logging and monitoring to support their infrastructure according to industry best practices.

Skills Involved:

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