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Baseball Card Market

A website where card collectors can get a fair price

Turning card collections into cash.

The Card Collector Challenge Summarized

Card collectors can be extremely passionate about their sets. Unfortunately, after years of hard work and searching, usually cards just end up tucked away gathering dust in storage rooms, attics or drawers.

When they aren’t rotting away in a drawer, owners are trying to find reliable ways to buy, sell or exchange their cards. Aside from getting ripped off at the nearby pawn shop, collectors have limited options available. This makes it extremely difficult for them to get a reasonable, honest price for their cards.

For some, collecting cards was fueled by their love of baseball growing up. For others, it was the ambition to turn the cards into a nice profit one day.

The Vision Behind the Website

Doug and his partner are the visionaries behind Baseball Card Market. With over ten years in the card collecting business, they are passionate about not only baseball cards but other valuable cards as well. As one of the largest buyers of unopened sports card boxes, this team saw a gap in the industry – a good website, other than eBay, to buy and sell cards from other collectors around the world without having to travel.
Their vision was simple: build a website where other collectors could find fair prices for their cards and sell them to the team at Baseball Card Market pressure-free. With this idea in mind, Doug and his partner approached Scopic’s software experts to fulfill their website-making needs.

The Scopic Solution

Our developers created the Baseball Card Market website completely from scratch using WordPress as a place where baseball (and other) card aficionados can go to buy or sell collections.

Our team developed a user-friendly marketplace with a visually appealing layout, graphics and menu options. Now customers can easily navigate through the website and find the answers and prices they are looking for. If certain cards aren’t listed, collectors can easily reach out to ask for a quote through the website’s contact form.

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