Client Profitability Tool

Analyzing Client Projects to Increase The Bottom Line

Providing a better understanding of overall profitability.

The Profitability Tracking Challenge

In business, profitability is always a main, or even the main, objective. One of the main issues associated with productivity is how to track profits and internal client work accurately. With so much to keep track of, project managers may find it difficult to analyze, leverage, and track the profitability of each client they are working with precisely.

If they were able to do this with a tool, they could prioritize the work and come up with more upselling opportunities. This would also enable them to manage their employees better.

The Vision Behind the Tool

Our team at Scopic faced this exact problem and realized we needed a better way to track our client projects. With employees in different locations all over the world, you can imagine that effective project management is vital to our success.

We came up with the idea of a tool that would allow us to input information of current and past projects and would help us visually understand the bottom line of each job. To bring this idea to reality, we turned to our own, innovative team to build a tool that would do just that – show us how profitable each project was.

The Scopic Solution

Our development team then came up with our Client Profitability Tool, which we consistently use to track our ongoing business with clients. The tool pulls information from internal, third-party systems we use (like Quickbooks for example), analyzes the data, and provides our project managers with charts.

These charts give our team leaders a better understanding of the profitability of current tasks and jobs in dollar amounts or percentages. With this tool, managers can also assess our return during precise time periods or specific employees.

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