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Datability Web App

An online data collection tool for Individualized Education Plans

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The Application Challenge Summarized

Nowadays, each county or state has its own online system for grading and handing out assignments to students. However, since many of them started over a decade ago, they typically lack modern interfaces and other user-friendly attributes. This creates a challenge for both teachers and students particularly in an age, where computer learning has come to play an even greater role in the education process.

The Vision Behind the App

Scopic’s intention behind the Datability Web App was to create a tool that would help teachers track progress with features allowing to add new schools and manage subscriptions. The team at Scopic believed in building an application that would make the process of grading and tracking progress more manageable.

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The Scopic Solution

Datability Web App is an online data collection tool for Individualized Education Plans (IEP) in special education. It allows teachers to keep track of each student’s goals, behaviours, and academic performance. Teachers can then export the data and use it for reporting purposes. The app helps deliver personalized student assessments that include graphs and detailed notes to parents and colleagues.

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Skills Involved:

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