FeederVu Landing Page

The landing page that promotes a unique app for bird enthusiasts

Fun. Relaxing. Serene.

The Bird App Promotion Challenge Summarized

When you have a very niche application that caters only to a particular type of user, it’s very important to be able to reach the right audience. This was especially important for an app such as FeederVu, a user-friendly application that allows bird enthusiasts to virtually add bird feeders in different locations within the U.S and choose the bird species they’d like to feed. Without having to leave their homes, users can indulge in the relaxing benefits of bird feeding.

The particularities of reaching bird enthusiasts needed to be addressed within the app’s promotional goals. Building an online presence that would attract this specific type of user proved to be challenging.

The Vision Behind the App

To address this issue and keeping in mind that the company gave special attention to detail and beautiful backgrounds to the application, they decided that a landing page to promote the app would be ideal. FeederVu aimed to strategically target a specific audience so they worked with Scopic to develop this custom landing page.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created the FeederVu landing page to showcase the virtual 3D bird feeder app. With a unique custom design and touches from our SEO and Digital Marketing specialists, this site serves as FeederVu’s top marketing tool. Created using HTML, CSS and Javascript, FeederVu’s landing page features:

Horizontal navigation menu

Screenshots from the application


App’s social media links

Information about the app’s key features

And more!

Skills Involved:

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