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The app that brings the pleasures of gardening to everyone

A unique concept for successfully germinating your seeds.

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The Garden Challenge Summarized

Gardening is a truly joyful task, but it can also be very frustrating if not equipped properly. It is necessary to know how to cultivate seeds in order to have a successful process. If not placed in the right environment, the seeds may get destroyed by insects or animals. The choice of soil can also be a determinant in the veggies’ quality. Lastly, the garden needs to be watered regularly.

The Vision Behind the App

Founded in 2010, H2grOw company provides the world’s first self-irrigated garden grow system.
Originally created as a way for missionaries in third world countries to be more self-sufficient, the system provides customers with a self-irrigating gardening method that delivers healthy vegetables with minimum effort. The company wanted to be able to simulate what the irrigation does in a virtual scenario. That’s when the company contacted Scopic seeking a digital and promotional solution. The aim was to show potential customers how easy H2grOw is to set up and grow, prior to physically engaging with the product.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed the H2grOw animated video game. The user-friendly app cleverly engages gamers in the fun “virtual grow game”. Most importantly, it demonstrates H2grOw’s ability to grow any type of vegetable or flower in the self-irrigated bag system. Users learn to set up and start growing gardens with the easy-to-use and interactive video guide.

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