Hails Data Feed

The app that tracks storms and makes people feel safer

Taking the risk out of your home, car, and life.

The Hail Forecasting Challenge Summarized

Weather forecasting is a complex and often challenging skill that involves observing and processing vast amounts of data. Forecasting companies and websites can show users 7-day forecasts with up to 80% accuracy. However, it is not that easy with every kind of weather condition.

There’s typically no clear distinction between storms that do and do not produce hailstones. So, it is challenging to warn people about hailstorms that might destroy lots of homes, cars, and crops. 


The Vision Behind the App

Hails Data Feed company aimed at providing a solution that would lessen damages caused by hail due to its unpredictability. They focused on data collection and real-time communication as main technology paths. 

So, they approached Scopic to develop a system that would increase overall awareness.

The Scopic Solution

Hails Data Feed collects data about hail, storms and other important weather activities. It processes and parses complicated weather data continuously, sends daily reports to clients about major events and sends immediate emails about major hailstorms.

There’s an integration to Google Earth and to Google Maps to view storms and hailstorms, to view their trajectories.

Skills Involved:

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