JIRA Add-on

The Jira plug-in that enhances the accuracy of time-tracking

Optimize your workflow through smart logging.

The Time Tracking Challenge Summarized

The scalability of enterprises creates difficulties in management if not backed up by helpful tools that facilitate the process. Keeping track of employee hours is one of them.

Time is a finite resource, especially when it comes to clients that want to know how their budget is being spent hourly and to managers understanding the team’s distribution.

Not having a dynamic timesheet also makes the productivity measurement challenging as time metrics can be disorganized and not accurate.

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed to provide a better internal and external solution for businesses, employees and their clients. They envisioned that projects could be kept under budget if time was managed and optimized. Displaying where time is being spent on turns the focus on the most important deliverables for the companies.
So, they reached out to Scopic and decided to build a plugin due to our previous expertise on JIRA and cloud services.

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic team created The Time Sheet Hours Gadget as a plug-in for JIRA Cloud users. It displays real-time data on employees and tasks. The app generates a table of hours logged filtered by user, user group, task, or project in a daily, weekly or monthly view. This user-friendly JIRA Cloud add-on was built with Atlassian Connect Express and Node.js technologies.

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