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The Traditional Education Challenge 

Face-to-face classes have some disadvantages that make learning a challenging process. So, the increasing demand for higher flexibility, more time, and lower costs has turned the focus towards the development of virtual learning as an alternative. The elements of the traditional educational need to be adjusted so that both the student and the teacher are productive. Firstly, it may be challenging to coordinate the content with the specific goals of the students. The vast amount of tasks to be distributed, the Q&A process, and the overall administration need facilitation so that this digital shift won’t become a burden to the end goal.

The Vision Behind the App

Kalu Yala envisioned online classes to be the perfect solution for people that are willing to learn, appreciate independence, and want to save some money. The company developed an online learning platform with the goal of being as effective as traditional classes, if not more. However, they aimed at creating an improved communication flow between the student and the teacher. They aimed to create a more comfortable environment with a variety of choices. So, Kalu Yala contacted Scopic to concretize their ideas and sync their website with a CRM so that the online classes could be managed more effectively.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic advanced the education project and integrated two web applications: WordPress web app and Salesforce app. On the WordPress site, students are able to register in specific courses (biology, business, etc.). The information is automatically sent to Salesforce where the side admin user leads and monitors students. To help keep track of the students’ progress, the app sends notifications manually and automatically through emails and SMS. The teacher is able to check reports, evaluate, and finalize grades.

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