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The Challenge

In today’s busy world, decision-makers have to churn out tons of information in order to make the right business decisions. Synthesizing data into quick and easy-to-digest custom reports can help organizations understand their results and adjust their strategies for future success while saving time and money. That’s where Klipfolio comes in! 

The Vision

Data is vital for thousands of businesses. With Klipfolio’s powerful dashboards and visual reports, companies can explore bigger volumes of data easier and faster than ever before. Klipfolio can access your database in real time and generate customizable reports by using powerful segments, filters, formulas, and goals. Additionally, you get in-depth insights into data trends without spending tons of resources on constantly collecting and analyzing lengthy reports. 

The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped Mobile Outfitters generate more reports and integrate additional functionalities into the client’s company dashboard with Klipfolio!

The cloud-based web app now offers many features like automated reporting, client management to centralize customer data, dynamic, customizable, pixel-perfect reports, and dashboards designed for advanced ad-hoc exploration, modeled data with dynamic visualizations, and date ranges. 

Skills Involved:

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