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Media Studio

The Web App That Connects Clients with Creators

Find, hire, manage and pay freelancers

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The Talent Finding Challenge Summarized

When it comes to finding talent for projects or finding the right projects to work on, there’s a challenge. There are a few freelancing platforms for businesses and independent professionals to collaborate remotely.

However, most platforms offer technical jobs related to development, SEO, web design, and copywriting. So clients who are looking for creative specialists such as actors, animators, and writers have a difficult time finding the right candidates for their projects.

The Vision Behind the App

The founder of Media Studio web application envisioned a platform where clients and creators would be able to connect easily. Via the app, business owners and entrepreneurs could hire, manage, and pay freelancers, while creators such as actors, editors, and animators could search for projects and securely send proposals. So he reached out to Scopic, a company providing custom web development services, to build the platform he dreamed of.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic put its web design and development services to use and created the web framework of Media Studio. Our coders also created the action script of the app while using technologies such as AWS, MySQL, and NoSQL.

We then continued working with Media Studio to create a smooth interface for the web app and make sure both the clients and creators enjoyed working together through the app.

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Skills Involved:

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