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The News Source Challenge Summarized

Staying at the top of the latest financial trends and statistics is not always easy. There are numerous news providers, with numerous ways of accessing the information. Narrowing down to one reliable source often seems impossible, given that users don’t have enough data to make the best choice.

In addition, that information is often not quickly updated which becomes decisive into the outcome of the users’ intentions. For traders, for example, dealing with reliable and unbiased data in a timely manner can make a huge difference.

The Vision Behind the App

Founded in 1999, MT Newswires (formerly known as Midnight Trader) is a leading provider of original source, multi-asset class, real-time, global financial news and information. As a qualitative and reliable news source, MT Newswires aimed at establishing its essential value to the industry. This could be achieved through a user-friendly and robust application that also included several services such as a digital news feed delivery for loyal users.

They worked with Scopic on a platform that would enhance the experience of finance enthusiasts.

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The Scopic Solution

News Connect is a business and financial news application. It provides users with a range of news services including individual subscriptions, enterprise desktop, and mobile newsfeed utilities. The app serves different kinds of professionals dealing with:


Brokerage firms


Market data


Wealth management

With a history of serving the largest and most recognized market data, research, and trading apps in North America and Europe, News Connect has become a recognized leader in original, unbiased business and financial news.

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