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The Forecasting Challenge Summarized

Whether you are planning to go on a long holiday, a small weekend getaway, or just around town, you will most likely want to know what the weather will be like. There are plenty of websites and applications that provide you with that information, but sometimes it is challenging to find the most reliable source you feel comfortable accessing.

Some apps are concentrated only on local regions, while others are only international-wise. In addition, this data is not always understandable, fully useful, and interactive when it comes to weather warnings.

The Vision Behind the App

Founded in 2007, ZoomRadar™’s vision was to change and improve our weather information access on the web. They aimed to be on the cutting edge of interactive radars’ technology. This type of content would provide people with the opportunity to track live data. In addition, it increased the accuracy of the predicted information on the weather changes.

They could build this kind of compelling technology only with the help of an experienced and devoted team. So ZoomRadar contacted Scopic and put their ideas into action.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic built the NOAA Weather application on the web. The platform is focused on providing fast and accurate forecasts for any location. It can automatically detect the user’s location and find corresponding full 7-day forecasts. It supports hazard alerts for nearby weather warnings and an interactive weather builder to create embed forecasts for client websites.

Updating interactive radar

The user’s own forecast

Storm Chasing Data

API for developers

Lighting strikes warnings

And more!

The website has attracted clients from the largest media companies in the US. It has also helped ZoomRadar to become the largest storm chasing company in the country.

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