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PBT Marketplace

Helping you buy and sell pets online.

The Challenge 

The industry of buying and selling pets has not always been transparent. In the past it was a great challenge to consistently have access to all the relevant information about each pet in one place.

Many pet store owners struggled to find a comprehensive database of weights, ages, vaccinations, sire and dam information, breeder reviews and pictures for each pet they were interested in.

The Vision

In the spirit of uniting owners to their dream pets, the founders of PBT wanted to create an eye-catching website with a user interface that all types of visitors would be able to cope with. They wanted to build a marketplace that would be both easy to access and reflect transparency for buyers and sellers alike.

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic web development team listened to PBT Marketplace’s vision and began building a web application to facilitate communication between pet store owners and pet breeders. Using CSS, Net MVC, JQuery and Javascript, our team developed a transparent marketplace where users can now get information for every single pet available.

We were especially mindful of the eye-catching, easy-to-use interface which enables all visitors to interact with the platform and ultimately unite pets with their rightful owners.

Skills Involved:

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