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An internal HR management tool that streamlines performance reviews

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The HR Application Challenge Summarized

Though critical to successful human resource management, collecting feedback on employees for regular performance reviews can be tedious and time-consuming. For this reason, there are many processes in human resource management that are being optimized with the help of different kinds of applications and software.

The challenge of creating an application that gathers information and helps create comprehensive performance reviews is to make sure the proper fields are available for data collection and that the program is user-friendly for HR specialists.

The Vision Behind the App

When envisioning the Performance Review Notes solution, Scopic wanted to build a tool that streamlined the monotonous tasks of HR specialists. The vision was backed by a belief that streamlining these processes would save time amongst employees and managers. This time could, instead, be allocated towards income-generating projects. With this in mind, Scopic set out to build the productivity tool.

The Scopic Solution

Performance Review Notes (PRN) is an internal HR management tool that streamlines the process of conducting employee quarterly performance reviews. The software synthesizes information from digital HR files and other internal tools to collect targeted feedback from project managers, technical supervisors, and other colleagues who have worked closely with an employee. Reviews can be compiled on an annual basis, three months preceding the review or for specific projects.

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