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The Photography Challenge Summarized

Photographs are memories that are captured and cherished for a lifetime. People love to document significant life events and their happiest moments in order to create reminders of the good old days. 

Proms and graduations are among the most memorable and sentimental ceremonies of people’s lives. Taking pictures of yourself in your graduation hat and gown with your alma-mater in the background is a classic. But what if you didn’t get to attend the ceremony or are not pleased with how the photos turned out?

The Vision Behind the App

The company envisioned a practical approach that would help users recreate the experience of having their photos taken during proms, graduation ceremonies, sport events, and more. Their aim was to create a hassle-free tool that allows users to place their photographs on a variety of virtual backgrounds. The company was then looking for a knowledgeable team of developers that would create a platform tailored to these specific needs. 

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The Scopic Solution

Using PHP, Javascript, and MySQL, Scopic developers built a WordPress website and an image canvas application. The application removes the picture’s background elements, and the interface then shows it in an image canvas. This canvas can be placed against any background of your choice. Other features include a number of predefined backgrounds that users can choose from, as well as a user-friendly tool for adjusting the pictures. 

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Skills Involved:

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