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Register 2 Vote

An application that fosters voter registration in local and national US elections

Download. Register. Vote.

The Voter Registration Application Challenge 

Increasing voter participation in America is among the nation’s top priorities. One of the main challenges is setting up a hassle-free registration process for voters. Eliminating complexity from registration procedures encourages more citizens to participate in the democratic process.

The Vision Behind the App

Register 2 Vote was created with the intention of building a web application that will allow users to register for voting in the local and national US elections. The goal of the app is to increase voter participation by making the registration process easier.

The Scopic Solution

Register 2 Vote is an example of a web application that allows users to register to vote in the local and national US elections. The Scopic team developed the application’s architecture and UX/UI design to be very intuitive and user-friendly. Users can register for voting in minutes by taking photos of their driver’s license to confirm their ID. The software will then generate a QR code that can be used to vote at the closest polling station. In addition, the app is programmed to find polling stations nearest to users via GPS.

Skills Involved:

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