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The Online Payment Challenge Summarized

There has been a rise in the adoption of digital payments during the last couple of decades. The traditional method includes sales done through credit and debit cards.

However, this system still poses potential fraud and security threats. The preferred approach to secure sensitive data is encryption with reversible cryptographic algorithms. This puts the control into the hands of a third-party provider instead of the hands of the businesses and customers.

In addition, this middleman takes a long time to process cross-border transactions and usually through a very high fee.

The Vision Behind the App

Scopic believes that by combining our expertise with the right mix of custom development and marketing, we can help companies revolutionize market trends. We saw an opportunity in cryptocurrency payments dealing with the assets of merchants and consumers. Promoting companies to onboard this innovation would also be possible if Scopic provided them with a concrete solution.
So, our teams worked on delivering a transparent method that would increase security and transaction speed

The Scopic Solution

SCoin is a web application, built on the Ethereum Blockchain as a payment token. The utility application lets users send, receive, and exchange SCoins, then use them by purchasing various goods and benefits.

Our team developed the project from scratch with the latest technologies and designed the app to be a form of internal incentives or peer-to-peer payments within organizations. This enables any payment disputes to be handled by the company itself through a user-friendly dashboard that reflects wallet and transaction history.

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