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Scopic Time System

The Platform that’s Redefining the Possibilities of Remote Operations.

Time and track your way towards a more flexible working environment.

The Remote Challenge

There are many advantages of offering remote positions to your employees. But running all operations remotely can come with it’s challenges if you don’t have the right systems and processes in place as you scale.

Keeping track of the hours that employees work is not easy if you want to create an environment of trust and flexibility, and avoid the use of invasive employee monitoring solutions.

The Vision of Empowerment

One of Scopic’s most important values is to build a foundation of trust within the company in order to empower employees to work at their very best. Tim Burr, Scopic’s founder, wanted to create a solution that would enable human resources to work more effectively and efficiently, while also maintaining flexible and dynamic working conditions for all employees. He envisioned a platform that could be used by all members of his team, would facilitate reporting between departments, and could easily keep track of employee workload as well as client billing.

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic Time System (STS) is an internal tool built to facilitate HR and Finance operations. Employees can log their hours, document task progress and report idleness using this application. It also allows project managers to review and approve the time logs which have been submitted by their team members.

Once approved, Scopic’s HR team utilizes STS’ time log data for auditing, billing, and reporting. Using Javascript, MySQL and other technologies, our team of expert web developers brought this full-service HR ecosystem to life. Since creating this platform, it is used daily by all employees, allowing various departments to seamlessly coordinate the reporting, approval, payroll and invoicing of employees’ billable hours.

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