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The Landing Page Challenge Summarized

Companies create landing pages with the primary purpose to convert page visitors into customers. However, they often encounter the disappointment of having zero new inquiries for their services. Some of the mistakes along the way can be:

  • Lack of expertise: This leads to inadequate building of the page in coding
  • Copywriting: There are not enough action words
  • Complicated user interface: If the page is not simple enough, it frustrates users
  • Optimization: After creating the page, the post-optimization is often neglected

The Vision Behind the App


SketchList 3D experienced the same struggle when trying to advertise their design tool. They had great confidence in its robust 3D features, so they recognized the power of marketing soon enough to take action. SketchList aimed at creating a solution via a landing page that would encompass all three design features:

  • Furniture
  • Kitchen
  • Cabinet

They trusted Scopic’s expertise on the industry and so, we started working together.

SketchListLP3 vision

The Scopic Solution

Based on SEO research, Scopic’s marketing team wrote, designed, optimized, and advertised this landing page to capture furniture design search traffic. The page markets SketchList 3D’s powerful modeling software, which Scopic’s team developed. Detailing core furniture design functionalities and the value of SketchList 3D over industry competitors, page visitors are directed to sign up for a free trial of the app.

SketchListLP3 solution

Skills Involved:

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