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Constructing A Marketing Solution For Woodworking Software

Measure twice, cut once.

Sanding Out The Rough

It’s one thing to create industry-altering software, it’s another to let the world know about it.

When Sketchlist 3D (a virtual software for woodworkers) was ready for the market, the next step was to launch it effectively and get it in front of as many woodworkers as possible.

Hammering Down The Project Logistics

Sketchlist 3D helps customers virtually envision their woodworking plans. By entering cabinets, kitchen or other furniture dimensions and materials into the program, all necessary reports are generated to get the project started. This software allows the customer to have a better idea, and a more precise design blueprint for their project – turning their woodworking ideas into physical plans.

The team at Sketchlist knew they had software that would revolutionize the woodworking industry. Now, all they needed to do was share it with the world. To do this, they realized they would need marketing expertise to help promote and launch their product. By offering free-trial and training, Sketchlist was confident that once woodworkers used the program, they would want to continue with it for future projects.

Scopic’s Floor Plan For Marketing The Software

Scopic’s full-service digital marketing experts stepped in to create a customer-oriented and informative landing page. This page focuses specifically on using the software for kitchen projects and design.

Our team thoroughly researched, wrote, designed, and marketed this landing page to entice woodworkers to speed up their kitchen-design process. The page was launched in less than a week using Instapage. We then developed ad campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to promote this exciting new product. All copy was written based on relevant SEO keywords with high conversion potential. This helped increase website traffic and drive more sales.

The landing page included user-friendly, visually appealing designs with attractive call to action buttons. We also made sure to feature videos of the software, free trials and training, customer reviews and the many benefits associated with this woodworking software.

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