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The DAW Challenge Summarized

Digital Audio Workstations have allowed established users and newbies in the music industry to record audios digitally. They include features to edit audio, such as cutting/pasting, EQ, nominalization and so on.

However, many users of DAWs encounter challenges in terms of:

  • Accessibility
  • Complexity
  • Immobility

New and improved features are added to the platforms every now and then, which can make the experience more complex and the user interface overwhelming. Everything that could be done with an analog console and recorder becomes more complex when working on most DAWs. In the meantime, music-enthusiast are in search of the ability to produce music in the studio or on the road, without sacrificing audio quality or the creative process.

The Vision Behind the App

SoundBridge are a team of musicians who have dedicated years to the art of music production. Prior to forming the company in March of 2014, they familiarized themselves with nearly every digital audio workstation (DAW) on the market. SoundBridge believed these products could be designed better to take full advantage of the latest mobile technology. In essence, this became the start of their mission – improving access to professional audio production by reducing complexity and increasing mobility for the modern DAW.

This is why they contacted Scopic to ensure their further developments would be properly transmitted and promoted online.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created a webpage for SoundBridge that would generally play the role of a teaser and feedback collector. Since simplicity is one of SoundBridge’s core values, Scopic implemented a user-friendly interface that transmits easy navigation. The webpage was created with high-quality graphics to provide users with a quality experience and to directly support SoundBridge’s goals.

Furthermore, the Scopic solution gave SoundBridge the ability to retrieve marketing data that could then be used for SEO optimization.

Skills Involved:

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