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The Task Management Challenge 

  • Visibility – Constantly having to switch tools or going on a search hunt to view current tasks or manage priorities
  • Discussion – Chatting in different environments throughout the departments
  • Productivity – Complicated communication, lots of emails, and poorly developed organization tools cause delays on project schedules
  • Harmony – Time and energy spent on unsynced tools
  • Organization – Not everyone is kept in the loop at any time for the latest changes

The Vision Behind the App

The company’s vision consisted of helping companies give their clients exceptional service. They believed this could be possible through an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective workflow. The company aimed at creating unified and customized workstreams that would simplify work amongst colleagues through sharing and collaborating. After getting familiar with Scopic’s experience on robust platform development, they entrusted us to develop the right tool that would lighten the organizations’ load.

Teamly vision

The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed Teamly, an all-in-one task management software tool. It is an intuitive, cloud-based project management platform with full chat cooperation, individual or team task management. It consists of many collaboration tools such as:


Easy file sharing

Internal communication

Scopic’s team created the app from scratch using Python, Django, Tornado/Sockjs WebSockets, and PostgreSQL databases. Throughout the development process, Scopic optimized Teamly’s functionality and security with Amazon instance servers, SSL certificates, and a simple custom admin panel for the independent management of the app.

Teamly solution

Skills Involved:

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