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The app that’s delivering personalized gratitude

Handwriting is connected to the movement of the heart.

The Greeting Cards Challenge Summarized

We live in a digital world where people are generally one click away from connecting with each other. Yet, personalized and handwritten cards are still often used for special occasions to show love and appreciation. For businesses and nonprofits, they also serve as marketing and branding opportunities. However, having to write and print out every single card and eventually having them delivered to each recipient is still an obstacle for any organization seeking to enhance efficiency.

How can we combine the beauty of writing out a personalized card, together with the perks and convenience of the digital world?

The Vision Behind the App

Thankster, a company based in New York City, was originally created to fulfill that very simple mission – to greatly ease the burden of writing thank you notes and greeting cards. In addition, it also aims at helping businesses with their CRM, lead generation, and marketing automation. So Thankster worked with Scopic to craft a functional platform that would implement and concretize this beautiful idea to personalize corporate communication, while still remaining practical and efficient.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed Thankster’s desired platform making the whole greeting card creation process easier. Essentially, the user can create more personalized messages while saving time and energy in the process.
Our website development experts created a user-friendly workflow for each interested visitor. Users can easily type in their notes, starting with a core message that can be edited individually for each recipient, if desired.

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