Vessel Drift Detection

Guarantee accurate vessel drifting patterns through a user-friendly interface

Robust and reliable algorithms.


The Drifting Patterns Challenge Summarized

Numerous maritime emergency situations consist of drifting vessels since defining their patterns may become challenging. The hydrodynamic water-body interaction that takes place makes the motion of the vessel complicated. Often people have to rely on real testing in order to fulfill the process. This may become time-consuming and costly as vessels have to travel a long distance from their place of launch. 

The Vision Behind the App

The company’s vision was to provide the industry with a feasible solution to the vessel maneuvers. They aimed to provide people with the positions and directions of boats without necessarily having access to real devices. 

After getting familiar with Scopic’s vast experience in platform development, they entrusted us to develop the right software.


The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed 3D Port Guard, a software application used to estimate vessel drift when the vessel is berthed.Our experts conducted algorithms using data from LiDARs mounted on berth in order to estimate the drift.  

The software also provides a berth simulator to simplify setup, development and testing process. The simulator proved to be quite efficient in the delivery of the final product as it anticipated many tests before making any algorithm-related decisions. The app works with several LiDARs to get an accurate scan of the vessel.


Skills Involved:

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