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The Website Challenge Summarized

As companies are digitizing through different platforms and e-commerces, it is becoming challenging to create competitive advantages. Websites follow the same structure and design, having the risk of being represented very similarly to the others. So, a company’s success is no longer dependent on what product it offers, but also the way it offers them. It is essential to shift the focus to reinforcing administrative and marketing features.

The Vision Behind the Website

You Doll You is the creation of a California state-licensed Esthetician who has managed to develop a large and loyal customer base. Today Kiyomi is known worldwide as one of the premiere providers of Eyelash Extensions. And its online platform ensures that the company with 15 expert stylists plus a team of dedicated support staff can serve well over one thousand customers each month. To guarantee high-quality customer service, they needed to ensure constant improvement of the website, so they contacted Scopic.

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The Scopic Solution

The primary purpose of You Doll You’s website is to provide eyelash extension services to clients. Scopic added a feature to the website that allows users to print the schedules. Scopic helped improve the website by removing the bugs to provide You Doll You users with an improved user-experience. The website is marketed in a better way as it loads faster and offers robust features in customer service.

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