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We want to get your software application off the ground and into the hands of your customers. We have the resources and over 10 years of experience to make it happen.

Building a business is difficult; especially when you are funding your own venture.

The Scopic Solution.

The Problem: Time Constraints

You want to build a software application but local firms are pricey and you don’t have the software expertise, or time, to source a freelance software development team from UpWork.    

The Solution: 

We can say two things with certainty: there are simply no local firms with pricing as affordable as ours, and unless you are in the heart of Silicon Valley, our expertise is unmatched.

Building a team of freelancers from UpWork is time consuming, and takes a certain level of know-how. We are able to offer you a fully functional team of trained tech professionals for the same price (or less), without all the extra effort of searching, compiling, and guiding a team. Why do more, when we can do it all for less?



The Problem:  Lack of Experience

You have the domain knowledge, but you don't know how to design a modern, friendly, and usable software experience.

The Solution: 

After designing and developing over 500 applications in the last 10 years, we know how to make a user experience that will fit your customers like a glove. We can provide deep insight into what works, and what doesn’t. We can translate your domain knowledge into something accessible and modern.


The Problem: Budget Constraints

You don’t have the deep pockets of a VC fund backing you. Instead, you are bankrolling your ideas with your own money.

The Solution: 

We know affordability is of the utmost importance. We want to work at a pace that you can afford and that feels comfortable. We want to work within your monthly budget and on your monthly schedule. Worrying about idle resources is our job, not yours. After all, you have a business to run.


The Problem: Not Enough Manpower

You don’t have the team members to market and support your software after it’s been created.

The Solution: 

Just because the code is finished, doesn’t mean we are. In addition to having a full staff of talented marketers at your disposal, we also offer services in application and customer support. We have you covered from day one on.

Benefit from our Expertise.

Our experience has taught us how to help you avoid the most common entrepreneurial errors.

Our Offerings for Entrepreneurs:

App Creation & Design:

for web, desktop, and mobile.

App Maintenance:

bug fixes, tech updates, and more.

Website Maintenance: 

monitoring, reporting, security, analytics, & A/B testing.

creation of websites and redesign.

SEO, advertisements, content, blogs, social media, email marketing, etc.

Technical Consultations:

we can guide you towards a solution that suits your needs.

Supplements to Your Team: 

scale up quickly with programmers, developers, designers, & more.

User Interface and User Experience:  

UX/UI for web, app, and mobile.

Entrepreneur Testimonials

Scopic’s developers truly are experts in so many fields and work on my software as if it were their own. They are more than capable of doing any work I need. Professional, responsive and reasonable: that’s how I would sum up Scopic.

SketchList president



Scopic’s work in no small part led to WineGlass peaking at #4 in the App Store and being featured on TechCrunch, CBS This Morning and the Los Angeles Times, which called the app’s technology “dazzling.” I would highly recommend Scopic as a development partner for technically complex mobile projects.

WineGlass founder



I have worked with Scopic for about 5 years. They have solved many problems for my companies, some of which were very challenging and obscure. Tim is great at picking out talent; his programmers are very dedicated and responsive. I highly recommend them.

Thankster founder



I have been working with Scopic since 2006, and for good reason. I have continually been impressed by the level of skills and efficiency of the Scopic team. I am always confident when working with Scopic.

With my latest project SculptPrint, I needed someone quickly with a very specific skillset, Scopic found the perfect person and I was able to scale up very quickly.

Tucker Innovations




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