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Without Further Ado, We Present The Scopic Referral Program, Where It Pays to Refer!

by | November 12, 2020

Customer referrals have been a key part of our growth ever since we opened our virtual doors in 2006.

To thank our partners and encourage continued referrals, we launched the Scopic Referral Partner Program. Read on for a look at how bringing your contacts into the Scopic orbit can translate into a long-term revenue stream for you, no matter what industry you are in!

We structured our program to serve as a simple, yet plentiful business opportunity that can pay out for years to come. Under this program, we pay repeating commissions to our partners to compensate them for connecting us with their business network. To become a referral partner, all you have to do is submit your information, and a member of the Scopic sales team will reach out to you with more details about the program and conditions. We’ll then send you over a detailed referral partner agreement that will break down all of the long-term benefits of your membership in the program.

Who Can Become a Member of Our Customer Referral Program?

We believe in rewarding customers, which was the driving force behind the creation of this new program. Keep in mind that this is both a B2C and B2B referral program client referral program. So if you are a b2b marketer, a b2b company, a family member, friend, entrepreneur, or industry professional, we encourage you to refer us your contacts in need of quality and affordable marketing and software services. There is no need for you to have any tech background to join. The most successful participants in the program are driven individuals who readily serve as a liaison between their connections and Scopic. Simply connect us with your network in need of high-quality work and we will reach out to provide a custom solution to their challenges.

Once you become a Referral Partner, what’s next in the referral process? To start making the referral commission:

  • Simply identify and send your contacts who need reliable marketing, design, or software development work.
  • Our team will do all of the outreach and closing, and will keep you in the loop at all times.
  • The final step? Simply put pen to paper and you can start referring and cashing in on your commission.
  • The best part? You can receive up to 15% of the project’s closing numbers!

Get in touch to discuss the details of your specific situation.


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The Services Behind Our Marketing and Software Development Referral Program

For the past 15 years, Scopic has grown a dynamic team of 260+ highly-experienced developers, designers, and marketers from around the world. During the past decade and a half, we have produced over 1000 projects in:

From Referral Partners to Business Associates

  • Desktop application development: If desktop development is best for a client’s needs, the Scopic team will create an app with stunning graphics, computer vision capabilities, top performance, and more.
  • Mobile Development: Our developers bring ideas to life. Whether iOS, Android, or cross-platform, the application will be interactive, intuitive, and secure.
  • Web Development: We develop and design websites that educate target audiences and encourage them to convert. We can help your referred contact with:
  • Marketing: Based on a detailed marketing audit, our team will develop and execute an effective plan of action that’s industry-specific and based on digital marketing best practices. We get brands recognized online through our Copywriting, SEO and Social Media Optimization services and more.
  • Design: We help companies visually communicate what makes their brand unique. Our memorable, eye-catching designs impact audiences and inspire them to take action.
  • Analytics: Our affordable analytics services help you visualize your financial status to help you make better business decisions

If you have a friend or professional contact who needs any combination of these services, send them our way. We can build them highly-customized applications from scratch, taking the idea from seedling to fruition, or work on updates and improvements to existing projects.

Wondering if we can help a certain member of your network? No worries! Send them our way, and we can schedule a call to discuss their options.

Receiving Your Referral Rewards

As a member, you will receive a commission on all contract work that Scopic is hired to do for your referred contact. Simply put, the more substantial the project work, the greater the earnings for you. Once your referral signs with Scopic, you will be paid 30 days after the end of every quarter in which Scopic receives payment from the referral. The commission will be rewarded for up to 5 years of our agreement with your prospect. As the years go on, the percentage may change. Get in touch for the specifics of your situation. Also, if we end up working on any other projects with your referred contact, even after we sign an initial contract with them, you will be granted a percentage of that work. As you can see, it really pays to refer!

Receiving Your Referral Rewards

Earn More Referral Program Commissions With Our Supplementary Coaching Sessions!

Once you become a referral partner, you will officially become a part of our greater professional network. To assist and support you with pinpointing leads and driving up

your commission, we provide our partner with a few hours of coaching on the development and marketing services that we offer. This one-on-one meeting will help you understand the work that Scopic does, enabling you to better find clients who will convert into revenue for you. The better services we offer and the better educated you are about our work, the greater our mutual successes. The first step? Set up an introductory call with a member of our team so that you can get to referring and earning.


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Long-Term Returns on Your Referred Customer Acquisitions

Once you are approved as a referral partner, you won’t have to reapply or reinstate your status at any point. You can just send your contacts our way, and we will take care of converting them into continual commission payments for you. Note that there is no limit to the number of potential clients that you can send. You can refer us as many companies, associates, and friends as you choose.

Get in touch today to become a Scopic Referral Program partner. Start earning commission by connecting your contacts to the company who can provide custom solutions to all of their marketing and software challenges!

If you would like to start a project, feel free to contact us today.
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