Browsers like Chrome and Mozilla are aggressively restricting or disabling Adobe Flash Player. If you’re still using Flash, you may be losing the business of over 50% of internet users.*

Don't lose customers in a flash.

It’s time to replace it with HTML5 and Scopic is here to help.

Top 4 Reasons to Convert Flash to HTML5



With HTML5, multimedia content plays instantly, no plugin needed.

Chrome & Firefox block Flash content. HTML5 is accessible to all.



Flash’s plugins open a user to potential security risks and vulnerabilities.

Availability of live streaming video and a number of new exciting features.


Your HTML5 website will be easier to access, more secure and also enable faster loading of audio files, videos, and 3D images.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

Why do I need to convert flash to HTML5?

The world’s most popular internet browsers accountable for over 70% of the market share of internet users, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, have blocked Adobe Flash Technology by default for security and speed reasons.

It has become evident that HTML5 makes the internet not only faster, but safer to browse. Additionally, unlike Flash, HTML5 technology is supported by all mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

How can Scopic help?

Scopic has mastered the art of converting applications and websites from Flash to HTML5. Through our experience, we have learned how to make the HTML5 transition as seamless as possible. 

Will my app/website be able to maintain its functionality?

Don’t worry, your product will maintain all of its previous functionality. In fact, with HTML5 we can add new, innovative features to make your website and/or application even better.

How long will the transition take?

We take each client case on an individual basis. No client is the same, and no transition is either. The timeline depends on your needs and current application and/or website. However, we can assure you we work as efficiently as possible.

What will happen if I don’t replace Flash with HTML5?

Flash is obsolete, having Google and Microsoft disable the plug-in by default in their browsers by early 2020. Thus, if you neglect to change your website, you may still get visitors, but you can expect fewer downloads, increased frustration with slow speeds, and ultimately, fewer customers.

I have an app AND a website; can you help me?

Of course we can also help with app conversions.
Our Flash to HTML5 conversion services can cover all platforms, including mobile.

What does Scopic offer?

Flash to HTML5 conversion

Convert SWF files to HTML5

Transferring Flex/Actionscript apps to HTML

Strategy surrounding the Flash to HTML5 conversion process

Consultation regarding project specs and requirements
Why Scopic

With over 15 years of experience as a custom web application development company and a deep knowledge of both HTML5 and Flash technologies, our team is well-versed in the methods needed to bring your website and/or app to its peak form.


We became the largest virtual software services company in the world by creating only the highest quality custom software solutions and websites. We strive to meet all client requirements, and only deliver projects we are proud of.


We create strong bonds and partnerships with all of our clients. We listen to their needs and desires and make them a priority. Our goal is to guide you through your transition to HTML5, while keeping communication clear and honest.

Featured Project

HockeyDiagrammer is a web application used to create online hockey drills, with numerous available features. Users create customized drills with various different players and objects and then watch them come to life through animated video, which can be downloaded or streamed.

Flash version

HTML5 version

The Flash version was put in place in 2011. The front-end application was built using Adobe Flex Builder with SDK 4 (ActionScript 3). The back-end was built using PHP/MySQL and FFMPEG. 

The front-end was built using FabricJS. In the back-end, PhantomJS was added for animation, and ActionScript logic was used for custom path drawing. Functionality is fully intact with improved video generation and site speed.

Client Testimonials
Dave Rozewski 
SketchList president 

Scopic’s developers truly are experts in so many fields and work on my software as if it were their own. They are more than capable of doing any work I need. Professional, responsive and reasonable: that’s how I would sum up Scopic Software. 

Roddy Lindsay  
WineGlass founder

Scopic’s work in no small part led to WineGlass peaking at #4 in the App Store and being featured on TechCrunch, CBS This Morning and the Los Angeles Times, which called the app’s technology “dazzling.” I would highly recommend Scopic as a development partner for technically complex mobile projects. 

Paul Geller   
Thankster founder

I have worked with Scopic for about 5 years. They have solved many problems for my companies, some of which were very challenging and obscure. Tim is great at picking out talent; his programmers are very dedicated and responsive. I highly recommend them.

Advantages of a Flash to HTML5 conversion




Increase speed for your app and website

Make your content available across all platforms and browsers

Create a more secure browsing experience for users


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It’s time to leave Flash in the past where it belongs. Make the transition to HTML5, and say hello to more customers and a faster, safer browsing experience.

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