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Brand Analysis Application

The app that promotes smarter decision-making in sporting event marketing

Build brand awareness and attract customers in sports events.

The Sports Billboards Challenge Summarized

In multi-media campaigns, billboards take a considerable part of the budget. This is because it has proven to affect audience reach if the ad is done correctly – particularly in sporting events. The goal may be to increase awareness, call to action or directly influence sales. However, it can be difficult to understand how effective a billboard actually is. And its use and effectiveness are often not analyzed but rather taken for granted or vaguely estimated.

Sporting events largely depend on ad spend and consumption. But businesses looking to promote through billboards not only need to know where they are available but also have some guarantee and transparency for the services.

The Vision Behind the App

The Brand Analysis tool was thought up to help tackle this issue. The idea was to apply smart technology to the world of advertising as a way to substantially streamline the work that goes into building ad campaigns. The company noticed a gap in the attempt to provide smarter opportunities to the sporting events market when it came to making decisions regarding which ads were to be visible and at what price.

Their vision of innovative improvement aligned with Scopic team’s experience, and thus they reached out and discussed our technology solutions.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic designed and developed The Brand Analysis application using C++, C# along with Computer Vision Algorithms. The software’s unique design represented a video and advertisement application that was programmed to detect and find advertising billboards in sporting events automatically. The application was tailor-made to record, gauge, and then determine:

The time frame for which each billboard was visible

The position of the billboard

And more!

These statistics could then be used for analytics and pricing.

Skills Involved:

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