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Kodawari Marketing

The Yoga Studio That Is Designed With Health, Healing, and Community In Mind

Cultivating health and vitality for the sake of global change.

The Yoga Practice Challenge Summarized

There are a lot of yoga studios out there, where you can visit, take a yoga course, and practice mindfulness. The challenge arises when you want to practice yoga at home or have the necessary information at hand any time. Finding suitable teacher training or educational information about bodywork and energy work can be difficult.

The Vision Behind the App

Kodawari Studios is a 5000 sq ft Yoga, Bodywork and Wellness Center located in South Tampa. The founder envisioned a vibrant contemporary space designed with health, healing, connection, and community in mind. The company provides various yoga classes to its users and educational pieces on finding harmony between the mind and the body.

The founder wanted to take the next step towards establishing a positive online presence and reaching its target audience. So he joined forces with Scopic, a full service digital marketing agency, to promote the company’s yoga courses, teaching courses and more.

The Scopic Solution

Kodawari Yoga collaborated with Scopic to redesign its existing website, optimize it to rank better on search engines, and create Google Ads campaigns with the objective of gaining new customers. Some of our activities involved:

Website Redesign

Smart Search Engine Optimization

Native-English Copywriting

Optimized Landing Page Creation

Optimized Google Ad Campaigns

And more!

We then continued to work with Kodawari and created an optimized landing page for their teacher training. Being a digital marketing services company, we made sure our Google Ads campaign was targeting the desired audience and leading them to the optimized landing page.

Skills Involved:

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